Financial advisers

Helping you meet your clients’ needs as well as your own


At IPS Capital, we understand the pressures you face and the support you need. Our multi-asset investment solutions enhance the service you offer and helps your clients meet their financial objectives. This allows you to focus on what you do best.

Why choose IPS Capital?

Investment expertise

We combine institutional-quality research with an active approach to multi-asset investing that places an emphasis on risk management and protecting the downside. Advisers that use either our bespoke or managed portfolios benefit from our ability to remain agile when managing your clients’ investments – rebalancing portfolios should not take your clients out of the market - IPS Capital can make portfolio changes significantly more quickly than larger industrial MPS providers.


A partnership with IPS Capital comes with the highest quality of service and trust. The adviser, not your client is the foundation of our IFA service. We will provide you with regular updates and communications on performance and activity in portfolios, including changes to risk parameters. Strategies can be accessed through FE Analytics.


Being a partnership allows short communication lines and makes us responsive and responsible. This means you have unrivalled access to the key decision makers on our team. Your investment manager is just a phone call away and you can also arrange quarterly meetings with our Chief Investment Officer.

Our services

We offer two core services for our financial adviser partners both using the same multi-asset investment process:

Bespoke Discretionary Portfolio Service

For clients with a more substantial sum to invest who require a tailored solution, our bespoke service suits advisers who want to delegate the day-to-day responsibility of managing a portfolio of investments to a specialist investment manager. We will handle everything related to managing the portfolio so you can focus on serving your clients and running your business.

At a glance:

  • Truly bespoke portfolio tailored to your clients’ risk appetite and objectives
  • Multi-asset portfolio investing in equities, bonds, alternatives and other asset classes
  • Portfolio rebalancing when required

Managed Portfolio Service

For clients who can benefit from discretionary investment management but do not need a fully bespoke portfolio. Our Managed Portfolio Service is available through investment platforms, providing you with high-quality investment management in a simple and straightforward package.

Our Managed Portfolio Service reflects our culture and structure creating better investment outcomes. Your clients will not face the challenges of industrial and unwieldy investment managers - IPS Capital can rebalance portfolios quickly, responding to sudden market changes as they happen, rather than weeks after the event – and our investment approach gives us access to a wider universe of investment opportunities which are simply unattainable to our larger competitors.

Our MPS is available in active and passive formats. We also offer three responsible investment portfolios for clients seeking an ESG solution.

At a glance:

  • Seven risk models for actively managed portfolios
  • Two risk models for passive portfolios
  • Three risk models for ESG portfolios
  • Risk-mapped to FinaMetrica, Morningstar and Oxford Risk
  • Quarterly rebalancing

Our Managed Portfolio Service is currently available on the following platforms, but we can work with your current platform provider to offer access:

How we work with you

Our IFA services are designed to make your life easier so you can focus on financial planning and client relationships. Our personal approach means you have direct access to the investment manager making the decisions in portfolios.

Your client relationships are the basis of your business, which is why our focus is on playing a supportive role and never to undermine this. We will work with you to provide the best outcomes for your clients, providing you with multi-asset portfolios that achieve defined objectives with a robust investment process.

We will provide you with:

  • A single point of contact to discuss your clients’ portfolios

  • Regular portfolio updates

  • Quarterly meetings with our Chief Investment Officer

Meet the team

Simon Moriarty - Investment Manager

Simon joined IPS in 2018. He has been working with private clients and their advisors since 2011. He specialises in private individuals, trusts and agent-led portfolios, often looking after cross-generational family wealth. He sits on the firm's Investment Committee, and outside of work enjoys spending time with his young family and playing music.

Chris Brown - Partner, Chief Investment Officer

Chris Brown is responsible for formulating investment strategy and allocations across all client portfolios, chairing the Investment Committee.

Tiziana Maida - Head of Research

Tiziana has been a member of the investment team since she joined IPS Capital in 2016. She is currently responsible for fund research and due diligence. She focuses on alternative investments, including real assets and target return strategies.