At IPS Capital we have three main objectives:

  • to limit risk, not return
  • to provide our clients with the best possible level of service
  • to deliver consistent returns by investing in a broad range of asset classes

We aim to limit the downside and generate returns on the upside, whilst all the time ensuring that our clients have direct access to one of our Partners who are on hand to answer any questions or allay any concerns.

We believe that true diversification is the best way to limit losses and therefore a multi-asset portfolio provides the most effective solution. We follow an active investment approach and tactically allocate across a range of assets, using our in-house risk management systems and controls to ensure that our clients’ portfolios remain within their specified risk parameters.

Our investment strategies are available in the form of bespoke accounts in a range of currencies and a risk-rated Managed Portfolio Service. These strategies seek to identify cost-effective passive solutions that benefit from market movements, as well as best-in-class active managers.