We are a business built around our clients and meeting their investment objectives. We have three core aspects to our service, centred on how we manage our clients’ portfolios that creates the trust needed to manage portfolios over the long-term.


We believe that avoiding significant losses during market downturns is key to growing wealth over the long-term and so clients’ portfolio risk should be stress tested and continually monitored.

Our custom-built risk management system, IPS ART, was developed in-house for the specific requirements of our clients, using our own extensive investment knowledge and experience. As a result, our system is unique and unhindered by traditional asset allocations, giving us a distinct advantage over other managers.


We aim to provide our clients with exceptional levels of service and the knowledge that their wealth is in safe hands for the long-term.

The main point of contact for all clients is an Investment Committee member, who has direct responsibility for their portfolio and its performance.


We have a transparent approach to our clients. We provide regular, clear, succinct and informative client reports, as well as inviting clients to regular meetings to review the progress of the portfolio and ensure investment goals have not changed.

There are no obstacles to clients if they want to speak to the team managing their portfolio.

The value of investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you originally invested.